Severe Weather

Severe Weather

If severe weather conditions occur when children are at school, the administration and transportation department will determine whether or not to transport students home or keep them at school.  The best possible arrangements will be made for student care until parents pick up their child or transportation can proceed.

Tornado or extremely high winds- Students will get away from windows, possibly be moved to the hallways.

Picking up Your Child after an Emergency

When parents arrive on the scene to pick up their children, we will need their help in following these procedures:

  1. No child will be released to anyone except his or her parent, legal guardian, or designated responsible adult as indicated on his or her registration form.
  2. Whoever picks the child up must sign a release form so we know who picked the child up and where the child went.
  3. There will be a check-out point for the release of each child.  They will not be released unless taken through the check-out point.