Dress Code

Dress Policy

Afton Elementary School Student Dress and Appearance

The Lincoln County School District #2 Board of Trustees recognizes the effect that student dress and grooming have upon the behavior and commitment to learning of all students. In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Board requires all students to make good choices with regard to their personal appearance. It further recognizes the vital role parents play in assisting their children in making appropriate choices regarding clothing, accessories and personal appearance for a successful school experience.

1. Clothing appearance or personal hygiene and grooming practices that draw an inordinate amount of attention to the individual student is considered inappropriate for school. The dress and or grooming style of any student must not interfere with the educational process or safety of self or other students.

2. Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner.

3. Heavy coats are to be left in a locker. Trench coats are not allowed.

4. Students are not to wear excessive jewelry, ornaments, or accessories, which distract from the learning environment or could be used as an instrument to cause harm to self or others.

5. T-shirts, tattoos, or any type of clothing or personal items bearing a reference to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, drug related slogans and any other wording, drawing, pictures, symbols, etc. which in any way can be interpreted as suggestive, obscene, offensive or depicting violence are not permitted.

6. Undergarments should be worn in an appropriate manner and should not be visible.

7. Pants must be worn at the waist and not allowed to sag.

8. Students are required to wear appropriate and safe footwear at all times.

In addition to the guidelines set by the Lincoln County School District #2 Board of Trustees, Afton Elementary School has the following expectations for student dress and appearance.

1. All clothing shall be clean, neat and unexaggerated.

2. Pants need to be secured at the waist so that underclothing is not showing.

3. When shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses are worn, the bottom of the hem must touch the kneecap, unless leggings are worn underneath.

4. Shoes must be worn at all times. Wheels, noisemakers, or footwear that may damage floors are not permissible.

5. Hats, bandannas, sunglasses, and pajama pants are not to be worn.

6. Inappropriate types of chokers, heavy chain necklaces, other heavy chains, spike necklaces and wristbands or wallet chains are not allowed.

7. Distracting hairstyles or hair colorings are not allowed.

8. Pierced jewelry is limited to the ears only.

9. We strongly discourage spaghetti strap style shirts/dresses and flip flop sandals.

10. There may be special days when the dress code may be relaxed or altered.

Protocol for Dealing with Non-Compliance of the Dress and Appearance Guidelines

We believe that students and parents will use common sense in dress and appearance.

We reserve the right to determine student compliance on dress code and appearance in relation to our policy. Parents will be notified by their child’s classroom teacher when a dress code violation is observed. Students may be notified as well and always in a discrete manner. Extra clothing is available in the office if the student’s dress and/or appearance would require it.

Our main goal is to have students in the classroom learning environment. However, intentional non-compliance with the dress code could have the student miss classroom activities and field trips.