Harmful Intruder

If a possible threat exists for students and staff , A-L-I-C-E will be implemented immediately.

    1. Alert – The first step is to alert those in the building of a drill or perceived threat.
    2. Lockdown- The second step is to secure people in a safe location.
      1. Teachers will immediately direct all students, staff & visitors to the nearest classroom or secure space and lock the doors.
      2. Everyone will keep out of sight. (Cover doors and windows if possible)
      3. No one will respond to anyone at the door until the “all clear” is announced over the PA system or an administrator or law enforcement officer opens your door and informs you that the lockdown is over.
      4. Be prepared to ignore the fire alarm during a lockdown if it goes off unless you have direct knowledge of a fire or other emergency that would warrant an immediate evacuation.
      5. * NOTE- If you are outside during a lockdown and it is an “interior” threat do not return to the building, but get to the safest location possible away from the building.  If you are outside and it is an “exterior” threat, return to the building if it is safe to do so, otherwise seek the nearest shelter or get low to the ground.
    3. Inform- The third step is to inform school administration and/or law enforcement about your status and other pertinent information.
      1. Everyone will Inform 9-1-1 of any emergencies or critical information that you may possess.
      2. Teachers will inform administration and emergency responders regarding your status using set communication methods.
    4. Counter- The last resort is to counter the attacker if your area is breached and you are in imminent danger.
      1. Many objects may be used as distractions or weapons.
      2. Spread out so there is more than one target area.
      3. Be ready to act if necessary.
    5. Evacuate- There may be times when an evacuation is the best course of action.
      1. Constantly evaluate the situation to determine if an evacuation might be a better option than remaining in lockdown.
      2. If possible, teachers will communicate their plan to evacuate with the main office or law enforcement through one of the previously mentioned methods.