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Your child has been visiting the school library and will soon be bringing home a book he or she has checked out.  Your child has started to learn how to select and use library materials. We have discussed responsible use of library materials and correct treatment of books.

In order to make this a successful and enjoyable experience for both of you, you can help your child in the following ways:

  • Encourage your child to share the books with you.  Read together.
  • Find out your child’s scheduled days for library visits and prepare for them.  Look forward to this special weekly occasion.
  • Remind your child to return books on time.  Mark the library day on a calendar.
  • Have a special place to keep library books.  Keep them away from possible damage by younger children or animals.
  • If a book is accidentally damaged, do not attempt to repair it at home.

Please be aware that district policy states the current replacement cost for books that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair will be charged and payment is expected during the same calendar year. If for any reason you should not want your child to check out books for home use, please inform us in writing.