Attendance Policies

  1. When a child is absent, we strongly encourage parents/guardians to contact the school office or their child’s teacher to let us know. 
  2. If a child is absent for 2 or more consecutive days and the parents have not contacted the school, we will initiate communication.

    Communication may include but is not limited to:

Teacher calling home

Office personnel calling home

Teacher or office personnel emailing parents regarding attendance

Letter from the office indicating days of absence

Home visit made

  1. If excessive absence occurs (more than 20 days per year or 7 days per trimester) the school based intervention team may suggest any one or combination of the following actions take place depending on the reason for absence:


Referral to the school district resource officer

Referral to Department of Family Services

Retention in the same grade for an additional year

Parents encourage/possibly required to take parenting classes

Summer school/After school remediation

Referral to the legal system


  1. All factors relating to the reasons for absence will be considered by the building intervention team.  Parents communicating the reason for absence when it occurs will be important information for the team.


Parents may appeal the decision of the school based intervention team to the school district superintendent.