Afton Elementary Kindergarten

Making discoveries, practicing choices, meeting problems, and drawing conclusions.


MAY 4TH 5:00-7:00 PM

Online Registration opens on April 24th

To complete registration for your incoming Kindergartener, please visit this website: or use the QR Code:

  • If you have students that are already attending LCSD#2, please choose “Returning Household Registration”, even though the student you are registering is new.
  • Please stop in anytime between 5:00 thru 7:00 pm to complete registering your incoming Kindergartener, become familiar with the school building, meet the Kindergarten team, tour the Kindergarten Pod, classroom(s), and playground. The Kindergarten team will be available to answer questions or address concerns you may have. We will also be offering an immunization clinic at the school on this evening.
  • Please bring the following documents to Kindergarten Registration:
    • Guardian’s Driver’s License
    • Child’s Immunization Records
    • Official State Issued Birth Certificate

Soft Start

We are excited to announce our district will be implementing a soft start for Kindergarten students beginning this Fall, August 2023. This practice will help support children transitioning into their new learning environment.

  • Your child will be assigned to a soft start day, either Monday, August 21st or Tuesday, August 22nd
  • On your assigned day, you have the choice to sign up to meet with your child’s teacher 1:1
  • The day your child is not assigned, he/she will not be required to attend school on that day
  • On Wednesday, August 23rd we will begin our full day of school where all Kindergarteners attend

Kinder Bus Day

School Arrival Times 7:30 & 7:40

Kinder Bus Day is only for incoming Kindergarteners who will ride the bus.

  • If your child will be riding a bus to/from school, he/she will be able to ride the bus from their bus stop to school and back with you on this day
  • The bus garage will be contacting you regarding pick up times and bus information
  • Once at the school, you and your child will unload the bus, find his/her classroom, and reload the bus. Our hope is this will help ease the apprehension regarding finding your child’s classroom that first week of school


4:00-6:00 PM

This will be for all grades, K through 3rd grade.

  • Bring your child’s supplies, meet the teacher, and explore the classroom.
  • You can finish registering your child for Kindergarten if you have not completed it. Bring in any remaining paperwork you may have, such as Birth Certificate & Immunization Record.
  • More information will be mailed out to you and available on our school website and on Facebook.

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