Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures


The safety of our children at Afton Elementary is always a concern. We routinely practice a variety of safety procedures like fire drills, what to do in the event of an earthquake, intruder exercises, and lockout procedures in case there is a dangerous situation outside the school somewhere in the community. In the world we currently live, there is increased potential for emergencies to arise.  Please be advised of the following procedures we will follow. 

Communication in an Emergency

When an emergency occurs, please stay tuned to the local radio station (KRSV 98.7) for current information about actions the school may be taking. We will contact as many families as possible through School Messenger with the phone numbers you have provided.  Parents are welcome to come to school during an emergency (provided the situation is not dangerous to you or your child) and check your child out through the office.  Please teach your child procedures at home should any emergency occur.  At the occurrence of an emergency when your child is at school––or somewhere else away from home––you may not be able to communicate your plan to them.