School Closures

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Infrequently we are forced to close a school or to close all of the schools in the district.  Sometimes a closure will occur before the school children are to report to school for the day.  On other occasions the closure will occur after school has started. Closures may be for civil defense alert, natural disaster, weather, problems related to the school physical facility, or a number of other things.  Should there be a need for a school (or all schools) to close, we will follow standard procedures so parents will be notified as soon as possible. Obviously, a personal contact cannot be guaranteed with each child's parents

  1. In the event of an emergency the public will be notified by radio, text blast, and phone message.  If the emergency involves civil defense problems, civil defense procedures will be used.
  2.  Students who ordinarily walk to school will be dismissed and will be expected to proceed directly home.  Parents may give their children specific instructions to go to another location, as family situations may dictate.
  3. Bus students will be transported to their regular route drop-off point.  As usual, at the close of a regular school day it will be the responsibility of the parents to pick up their children at these bus stops.  
  4. If parents are not available, they should provide their children with specific instructions as to how to proceed from the bus stop.


  1. Parents should:
    1. Review with their children the procedures they are to follow should school close early.
    2. Provide other additional specific instructions such as:
      1. Locations of house key.
      2. What to do when arriving home and no one else is there.
      3. What actions to at home should there be a real or simulated emergency conducted by civil defense people.