Afton Elementary Newsletter October 2020

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Afton Elementary Newsletter

October 2020

Coming Events

Oct.1………School Pictures

Oct. 2………No School

Oct. 6………Kindergarten Vision

Oct. 15……..No School - Fall Break

Oct. 16…….No School - Fall Break

Oct. 30…….No School


Due to the cooling weather, please send a jacket to school with your child. We are doing fitness and other activities outside as much as possible so they will need a jacket to stay warm.

Summer Reading

Just a reminder to return your summer reading slips as soon as possible.


Student Messages

Parents, If you need to get a message to your child please call before 2:00. After 2:00 it gets very busy and hectic in the classroom and the office. We will not be able to guarantee that your child will get the message.


Screening Criteria Reminder

Please remember to check your child for symptoms of COVID-19 before sending them to school.


Temperature ----If 100.4 or higher - not permitted in facility

Temperature ----If 99-100.4 + additional symptom - not permitted in facility

Symptom Questions

1. Any shortness of breath?

2. Any cough?

3. Any lack of smell/taste?

4. Any unusual tiredness?

5. Known exposure?

If experiencing any symptoms, stay home.



Halloween is right around the corner and plans are underway. Students will be able to wear costumes on Thursday, Oct.29 for our Halloween celebration. We are asking that they do not wear costume masks and no toy weapons are allowed. Due to current health guidelines parents will not be allowed in the building to help their child get ready or watch the parade. Please plan ahead and send your child to school in their costume or make sure they have what they need to get ready at school. The parade will be held virtually this year. More information will be sent out as it gets closer.











Learning Update

In math, we have been working on number writing and number recognition to 10. We have been sorting by a variety of attributes.

In writing, we have been orally retelling stories and learning to write those stories down through pictures. This month we will look at the world like a scientist, writing about the things we see.

In reading, we are learning letter sounds and how to blend them, hearing words that rhyme.  For our reading workshop, we have been looking closely at the pictures in books.

1st Grade
Writing: We will be writing narrative texts and work on handwriting and punctuation.
Reading: We will be working on building good reading habits in reading workshop and continue to progress through individual reading mastery levels.
Math:  Students will be learning addition strategies to 10.

2nd Grade
2nd graders have been working hard since school started! We have learned many addition and subtraction strategies to help us with our math facts. We are writing Narrative stories about our own life moments. We have started the "learning how to read" process and also focusing on the key details of a story.

3rd Grade
In Math we are working hard on multiplication strategies. In reading we are focusing on finding the Main Idea and supporting details of a story or passage. This fits right into our writing where we are working on personal narratives - True stories from our own lives.












The following students have passed the math facts for their grade.

Addition: Daevin Nelson, Spencer Abrams













We receive federal funding for our Title One program that brings extra help during the day for reading instruction in all grade levels.  Part of that funding requirements includes your input on needs that you feel could benefit the school.  We will be hosting an online parent meeting at various times in the day in the month October. We will be hosting these meetings via zoom on October 20 at 10:00 and again at 1:30 and an evening meeting at 7:00.    A zoom invitation will be sent via email on Tuesday, October 20. Please join us at one of those times if your schedule allows.  We value your thoughts.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with your children over the last few months.  We can see that many families took the time to help their children with lessons and ideas and kept learning all through the summer!
We are all enjoying being at school, learning together.  As I go from grade to grade and room to room, I see so much joy and laughter and learning happening.

Our new normal is
We all need a time to take a minute to help ourselves recharge and recenter our thoughts and feelings.  Here are some simple ways to support emotional and mental health in all ages while handling the challenges of our new normal:

Breathe—Take 15 seconds to a minute to breathe. If you don’t have time to yourself, have your child do it with you. They surely will benefit from the calm time to refocus as well.
Gratitude—Keep a family gratitude notebook and write one thing you are grateful for each time you share a meal together.
Laughter—Look for things that make you smile or laugh. Have a joke book where you can share a joke with your child. Hearing the laughter of children is a great way to bring a smile to your face. Kids love learning a new joke to share with their teachers and friends.
Pictures—Find a few pictures that bring you joy and post around your home. Simply seeing them will bring a smile to your face, evoke a memory or emotion, and help give you a boost.
Quote—Print or write a few quotes that mean something to you to display in plain sight. Read them to yourself or out loud to revisit purpose.
With a healthy model of how to grow and learn, our children will not only survive, but thrive.  They can be taught how to be strong during uncertain times through our examples of using small moments to recharge.

Stay healthy and strong!

Mrs. Brenda Inskeep, Title One Reading Specialist

Notes From The Nurse

We are so excited to be able to have our school open with face to face learning! Good job everyone for screening your children for signs and symptoms of illness before they come to school. The students are doing great with wearing their masks when they cannot maintain the 6 feet of social distancing. Please make sure your student has a clean mask every day! Please write their name or initials on their mask so if they lose it, the mask can be returned to them. There are several masks in the lost and found.

I have enjoyed going into classrooms with a black light and “glitter-germ lotion.” They have learned
How we spread germs that can cause illness
Why it is important to keep our hands off our face
How to properly put on and take off masks (only touching the ear loops or the sides of the gater)
How to cover our coughs and sneezes – even when we are wearing our masks (bury the cough or sneeze in our arm, turn away from people and point our mouth to the floor)
AND how to properly wash our hands (Reminding them of key times to wash–
1. Before we eat anything 2. After using the bathroom 3. When we arrive at school and 4. When we arrive at home.)
Thank you for reinforcing this teaching at home!

Thank you for helping your students maintain a healthy immune system by encouraging good sleep habits, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and playing outside.

We did vision screening for 1st-3rd grades. Re-screens and Kindergarten vision screening will be Tuesday, October 6. Remember vision screening does not replace a professional eye exam! If your student complains of headaches or trouble seeing, I highly recommend they go to a professional optometrist for evaluation.

Finally, “Flu Season” is around the corner. Health care professionals recommend we all get a “flu shot” this year. Check with your Health Care Provider or Public Health to help you decide if this is a good choice for you and your students.

I love caring for and teaching your students! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2020-2021


Chris Simpson RN
School Nurse
304-885-8002 ext 7477