2nd Grade Supply List 2017-2018


Afton Elementary

2nd Grade Supply List


Please mark all your supplies with your child’s name

·    Crayons or colored pencils- 24 count

·     (48)  #2 wooden yellow pencils

·     12 Mechanical Pencils

·     Sharpener

·      Pink Pearl Erasers

·     2 Pocket Folders –Rappleye Only

·     1 pencil bag or box

·     3 spiral notebooks wide ruled

·     Scissors

·     Washable markers

·     $5.00 for a quality T-shirt for tie-dye

·     3 glue sticks

·     Headphones with a straight jack and no elbow-for  

Just a Note about PencilsThe dark orange #2 Sanford Eagle pencils ruin the electric pencil sharpeners, and they break easily.  Novelty pencils also ruin the electric pencil sharpeners, so please DO NOT bring pencils with designs on them.  Other brands such as TICONDEROGA and PENTECH #2 pencils are great.